Credendo Green Package

Credendo Green Package

Credendo – Export Credit Agency is launching the Credendo Green Package, a series of incentives aiming to support the projects and companies that have a positive impact on the environment, with a view to strengthening its commitment to sustainable transition.

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In terms of incentives, the projects selected as part of the Credendo Green Package will, by default, have the most-favourable conditions in every respect, to name just a few:

  • Cover at 98% of the total amount
  • Extension to domestic transactions if the product has export potential 
  • Increased participation in financial guarantees
  • An increase in funds for own financing of transactions with an increase in maximum amounts (up to
    EUR 15 million) and an extension of repayment terms (up to 10 years)

We will mobilise an additional budget of EUR 100 million to fund green transactions. We will put the spotlight on companies involved in green projects and we will ensure good communication to raise awareness of environmental issues among our clients and the business community.

Green projects

We have adopted a set of criteria with the aim of choosing initiatives that really make a difference.

“We really want to encourage all companies to make a commitment to the environment and to support them in the transition."


Credendo Green Package leaflet
Credendo Green Package brochure


If you think that one of your projects is eligible for the Credendo Green package, contact a Credendo expert by filling the form below