Welcome to SWOTCAST

Welcome to SWOTCAST

Credendo's podcasts

A series of podcasts to help you export without risk. Even in times of crisis.

Covid-19, international instability, trade wars, border closures… exporting in a world in crisis can be particularly difficult and full of potential pitfalls.

That’s why Credendo is there, just as we’ve been for the last 100 years. To support you with financial guarantees, tailor-made financing and credit insurance that will cover your risks worldwide.


To help you move forward more easily, we are offering you a series of talks by Credendo experts. They examine the current crisis and expose the challenges you face as an exporter, while also proposing solutions that will help you in your export projects.

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    Bonds or guarantees

    When Credendo issues a bond or a guarantee, this gives further assurance to your counterparty that your company will fulfill its contractual and legal obligations. In this episode we will explain what a surety bond is, for whom surety bonds are intended, what the benefits are and much more.

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    Credit insurance: what? When? Why?

    Credendo’s core product is credit insurance. Together we will go over how credit insurance works, what risks are covered, and what happens when a client fails to pay. 

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    The risks of exporting

    On a macro level, Credendo identifies 2 types of risks: country risks and sector risks. In this episode, you will find out how Credendo assesses those risks, where you can find this information and which sectors are currently the most promising for export.

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    The possibilities of export financing

    Companies wanting to sell their goods in emerging economies, often not only need to have the best product, but also have to be able to provide tailor-made financing. How does Credendo help exporters and are these products also for SMEs?

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    How to export with a limited social and environmental impact

    Terms such as ‘corporate social responsibility and exporting’ are everywhere. But what does this mean for our companies and for Credendo? What are the recent developments in this domain?

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    Is classic credit insurance doomed to disappear after 100 years?

    Credendo is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year and witnessed how classic credit insurance gradually evolved towards a product with many side products.