100 years of Credendo

Discover how Credendo has been helping entrepreneurs to realise their export dreams for 100 years.

Comic book

Comic book: "Down and Out"

To celebrate our 100th anniversary, we have published a comic book based on anecdotes and stories from our history.


The world hasn’t stood still over the past 100 years. There has been progress and technological development, but there have also been wars and crises. The only thing that hasn’t changed since 1921 is that Credendo has always provided assistance to export companies. For 100 years we’ve been forging strong links between entrepreneurs and their export markets, as well as creating tailor-made solutions, for large companies and SMEs. Want to know how? Below, you’ll discover the stories of Tom, Julie and John. Thanks to Credendo they’ve done more business with less risk.

Tom exports Belgian fries to Asia

Tom is 100% motivated to introduce our Belgian fries to Asia. Clever thinking, as the Asian market offers enormous opportunities. However, rapid growth leads to a greater risk of non-payment. Discover how Credendo helped Tom’s dream come true.

Julie exports medical equipment to Latin America

Julie is 100% motivated to expand her medical imaging business into Latin America. However, financial crises, rising interest rates and collapsing currencies can hinder a company’s financing. Discover how Credendo helped Julie’s dream come true.

John exports his water purification systems to Africa

John’s dream is to provide all of Africa with clean drinking water. However, such projects are very risky due to potential political instability, social unrest or conflicts. Discover how Credendo helped John’s dream come true.

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Julie exports medical equipment to Latin America


Credendo is the world’s second-oldest public credit insurer. Since it was founded in 1921 our company has grown to become the fourth European credit insurance group and covers your risks worldwide.