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Nowadays, global trade is changing before our eyes, creating both risks for business and exciting opportunities. Markets, logistics, and supply chains have changed, and the business world is responding quickly to the new global-trade reality. Trade between members of the Eurasian Economic Union and the global business community is booming right now.

As these markets and industries emerge, business needs a reliable and established TCI provider to step in and provide first-class insurance solutions to companies taking advantage of opportunities in these sectors.

We at Credendo – Ingosstrakh Credit Insurance believe we have the right experience and expertise to help you manage risk and capitalize on opportunities as business adapts to new global trade realities. 

As a leading TCI provider in Russia and the EAEU with fourteen years of success, you can rest assured your business is well protected against nonpayment risks.


Identification data

Company details

  • KPP 770501001
  • INN 7707707862
  • OGRN 1097746419363
  • OKPO 62161400

Bank details

  • 34, Mashi Poryvaevoy street, Moscow, 107078, Russia
  • BIC 044525256
  • Current account: 40701810487360000200
  • Correspondent account 30101810000000000256 at the General Directorate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in the Central Federal District city of Moscow 


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